We're still getting everything together, so please forgive us as this page is built out with documentation, links, source code, and downloads. This webpage is in-progress from mid-January 2019, as we're initially focusing on the commercial side. You know, to keep the lights on.

In the mean time, you can head over to StructD.com for more information about our performance, usability, and memory improvements. Or, because StructD is compatible with the Redis protocol, Dr. Josiah's book is still a good resource.

Buy Dr. Josiah’s book, Redis in Action

Need to get started in the world of Redis or StructD, and want an introductory-level book with examples, use-cases, and optimization tips? Already a Redis or StructD user, but want to make sure you’re not missing anything? Either way, Dr. Josiah has written a book for you already. Developed as a result of answering hundreds of questions about using Redis on the mailing list, Redis in Action includes a variety of examples and use-cases of Redis and StructD from Python.

Examples from the book are MIT licensed.

  • The examples, taken from real-world use cases, are one of the major strengths of the book.

    - Filippo Pacini
  • A great addition to the Redis ecosystem.

    - From the Foreword by Salvatore Sanfilippo, Creator of Redis
  • From beginner to expert with real and comprehensive examples.

    - Felipe Gutierrez
  • Excellent in-depth analysis … insightful real-world examples.

    - Bobby Abraham
  • Pure gold!

    - Leo Cassarani